Brass Fittings Manufacturers

Brass fittings are popular because they are strong, durable and widely used in industrial and residential applications. Brass fittings manufacturers and supply to all over the world including Asia, Europe, America, Africa and Australia from Mumbai, India. We have been operating since 1974 according to requirements of brass fittings system with industrial features of durability and reliability.

Advantages of Brass Fittings :

Brass fittings have certain unique features, which make them highly demanded. Some of these features are as follows :-

  • Brass fittings are characterized by good strength and cold ductility.
  • Fittings made of brass have good conductivity and are excellent corrosion resistance.

Brass Fittings Features

  • It can be easily- connected by simply pushing tubing in and save 75% of assembly time of standard compression fittings. No tools required.
  • It can be dis-connected easily, no tools required.
  • It can be re-useable number of times, connecting and disconnecting.
  • FULL FLOW DESIGN, provide up to 60% more flow area than conventional fitting with internal tube support.
  • POSITVE SEAL, no leaks after tubing is inserted.
  • VERSATILE SEAL, NBR “O” ring standard temperature range -400C to 1040C.
  • SECURE TUBE RETENTION, pulling on tubing only serves to tighten the connection
  • SELF CONTAINED ASSEMBLY, no loose parts, brass and inset.
  • BRASS CONSTRUCTION, elbow and tees are forged brass and the O RING provides the leak proof seal against the OD of the tube.
  • METRIC SIZES AVAILABLE, Metric tube sizes from 4 mm to 16 mm in both standard NPT and metric pipe sizes are available on a special order basis.
  • WORKING PRESSURE: the fitting is suitable for maximum working pressure from vaccum to 250 PSI.
  • WORKING TEMPERATURE : -400C to 1040C
  • PIPE THREAD: NPTF with pre applier thread sealant .
  • DIMENSIONS AND TOLERANCES : All threads are compliance with SAE standard.

Products :

1. Automotive Fittings

  • Brass Air Brake End Fittings for Nylon Tube
  • Brass Air Brake End Fittings for Rubber Hose
  • Brass Air Brake Push to Connect End Fittings
  • Automotive Brass Pipe Fittings
  • Brass Pipe Threaded Fittings
  • Brass Compression Fittings
  • Brass 450 Flare Fittings
  • Air Brake Tubing
  • Coiled Air Brake Tubing

2. Electrical & Earthing Products

  • Copper / Aluminium Compression Lugs
  • Grounding Pipe Clamps
  • Electrical Wiring Accessories – Brass / Copper / Aluminium
  • Automotive Brass Pipe Fittings
  • Mechanical Connectors
  • Heat Shrink Accessories
  • Electrical Utility Products
  • Transformer Connectors & Fittings