Why Brass Fitting ?

Brass fittings are popular because they are strong, durable and widely used in industrial and residential applications.

Advantages of Brass Fittings :

Brass fittings have certain unique features, which make them highly demanded. Some of these features are as follows :-

  • Brass fittings are characterized by good strength and cold ductility.
  • Fittings made of brass have good conductivity and are excellent corrosion resistance.

Brass Fittings :

  • It can be easily- connected by simply pushing tubing in and save 75% of assembly time of standard compression fittings. No tools required.
  • It can be dis-connected easily, no tools required.
  • It can be re-useable number of times, connecting and disconnecting.
  • FULL FLOW DESIGN, provide up to 60% more flow area than conventional fitting with internal tube support.
  • POSITVE SEAL, no leaks after tubing is inserted.
  • VERSATILE SEAL, NBR “O” ring standard temperature range -400C to 1040C.
  • SECURE TUBE RETENTION, pulling on tubing only serves to tighten the connection
  • SELF CONTAINED ASSEMBLY, no loose parts, brass and inset.
  • BRASS CONSTRUCTION, elbow and tees are forged brass and the O RING provides the leak proof seal against the OD of the tube.
  • METRIC SIZES AVAILABLE, Metric tube sizes from 4 mm to 16 mm in both standard NPT and metric pipe sizes are available on a special order basis.
  • WORKING PRESSURE: the fitting is suitable for maximum working pressure from vaccum to 250 PSI.
  • WORKING TEMPERATURE : -400C to 1040C
  • PIPE THREAD: NPTF with pre applier thread sealant .
  • DIMENSIONS AND TOLERANCES : All threads are compliance with SAE standard.

Products :

1. Automotive Fittings

  • Brass Air Brake End Fittings for Nylon Tube
  • Brass Air Brake End Fittings for Rubber Hose
  • Brass Air Brake Push to Connect End Fittings
  • Automotive Brass Pipe Fittings
  • Brass Compression Fittings
  • Brass 450 Flare Fittings
  • Air Brake Tubing
  • Coiled Air Brake Tubing

2. Electrical & Earthing Products

  • Copper / Aluminium Compression Lugs
  • Grounding Pipe Clamps
  • Electrical Wiring Accessories – Brass / Copper / Aluminium
  • Automotive Brass Pipe Fittings
  • Mechanical Connectors
  • Heat Shrink Accessories
  • Electrical Utility Products
  • Transformer Connectors & Fittings