• We specialize in manufacturing of Brass Fittings as per British Standard & European Standard.
  • Threads available are BSPP British Standard Parallel Pipe Threads, BSPT British Standard Parallel Tapper Threads & also in Metric.
  • Brass Fittings are available in Natural finish, Nickle Plated, Polished & Chrome Plated.
  • Brass fittings are available for Sanitary & Plumbing Application, Agricultural & Irrigation application, Air
  • Conditioning Application, Portable Water Applications, Heating Applications & hydraulic Applications.
  • Brass Fittings are available with O Rings (NBR, SILICON) & Plastic Gaskets.
  • Our Brass Fittings sustain minimum air pressure of 180 PSI.
  • Fittings are available in CW 614 N Brass, CW 617 N Brass, DZR Brass.
  • We have fittings for Copper Tubes, PEX Tubes, Multilayer Tubes & PPR / PERT Tubes.
  • Metric brass fittings manufacturers and supply to all over the world including Asia, Europe, America, Africa and Australia from Mumbai, India to metric brass fittings industries since 1974

We have following range of Brass Fittings

  • Brass Threaded Pipe Fittings.
  • Brass Connectors for Irrigation System.
  • Brass Compression Fittings for Copper Tubes.
  • Brass Compression fittings for PEX Tubes.
  • Refrigerant Distribution Connectors.
  • Flanges for Heating Elements.
  • Floor Traps.

Brass Threaded Pipe Fittings

Brass Connectors for Irrigation System

Brass Compression Fittings for Copper Tubes

Brass Compression Fittings for Pex Tubes

Refrigerant Distribution Connectors

Flanges for Heating Elements

Floor Taps