Neutral Links

  • Neutral bars are widely used in residential and commercial electrical service panels to terminate all those white 'neutral' or 'return' wires from the many load circuits in the building.
  • Neutral bars are simple mass wire termination devices that allow many wires to be terminated in one place, usually at the main service panel, in a small space and at low cost.
  • Brass Neutral bars are popular in many countries but conductivity of brass is about 28% that of copper while aluminum conductivity is 43% that of copper

Aluminium Neutral bars

  • Aluminium neutral bars are manufactured from high strength aluminium
  • They are tin plated
  • Screws are plated and are made up of mild steel
  • They are for dual conductors - copper/aluminium

Copper Neutral bars

  • Manufactured from high strength copper and furnished with plated steel screws
  • They are for copper conductor alloys
  • Select from 4 up to 190 circuits